What is the Tyndale Promotional Network (TPN)?
Tyndale Promotional Network (TPN) is an exclusive program for radio stations which allows members to receive free books, Bibles, special prize packs, and more! These free products can be used as on-air giveaways for loyal listeners and/or as donor gifts during pledge drives.

What is TPN Picks?
TPN Picks is a monthly program that allows stations to receive 5, 10, or 20 products of a given title to give away on air. Tyndale requires that the station mention the product on air before, during and after each giveaway. All product will be provided to the winners in the form of a certificate, which can be redeemed at any Christian bookstore. Once a radio station signs up for a TPN Pick, they will then need to promote the product as an on-air giveaway and collect the name and address of the winner(s) who have won the product. Once the station has the winner's information; they will need to return to the TPN website in order to submit their winner's name. Tyndale will handle all fulfillment needs and mail the winner(s) their certificate.

What is TPN Plus?
TPN Plus is a special offer that will be featured periodically on the TPN website. It will consist of a custom promotional deal and may include enhanced elements, such as a free station copy of the product or special prize packs. Once a station signs up for TPN Plus, the radio station will need to indicate the partnering opportunity and participation level they would like. The partnering level is the action item the station agrees to execute in exchange for the free product (air a radio spot, pre-recorded interview, etc). The participation level will indicate the number of products the station agrees to giveaway. All product will be provided to the station in the form of certificates, which can be redeemed at any Christian bookstore. Tyndale will provide the station with the number of certificates they have requested and the products listed on the certificate will need to be given away on-air to listeners. Once the products have been given away on-air, the station will need to return to the TPN website to submit the winner's first and last names.

How are stations qualified for the program?
Since TPN is an exclusive program available only to radio stations, Tyndale will conduct a review of each application in order to qualify the station and approve their participation. Some considerations Tyndale will take into account include whether the station has a website, a corporate email address, call letters, etc.

How often are products updated to the website?
TPN Picks will be posted to the website on a monthly basis. E-mail alerts will be sent at the beginning of each month to announce both TPN Picks and TPN Plus products that will be featured for the current month.

What will Tyndale do with the winner's names and contact information?
WINNERS NAMES WILL ONLY BE USED to mail out certificates. Tyndale respects your privacy, and as a result, we will not contact winners and we will never sell or rent names to 3rd parties.

How do the certificates work?
The free product that Tyndale will provide to the radio stations and/or the winner's will come in the form of a custom certificate. These certificates may be redeemed at any Christian bookstore. Winners will take the certificate to a Christian bookstore and the store will provide them with a free copy of the product they have won.

What if there are no Christian bookstores in the area?
If there are no Christian bookstores in the winner's area, the winner may mail the certificate back to Tyndale and we will ship the free product to the winner directly.

The Christian bookstore will not honor the listener's certificate. What do we do now?
If a Christian bookstore does not honor a winner's certificate, the winner may mail the certificate back to Tyndale and we will ship a copy of the product directly to them.  Information for this is provided on the back of each certificate.

What if I lose my password?
If you forget your password, click here and request that your password be sent to you.

Is this program open to US radio stations only?
Yes, the program is only open to legal U.S. residents.

Is there a way to check if my winners’ have received their certificates?
Yes. Each product you sign up for will have a promo status beside it so that you can see the status of each promotion.

Is there a way to cancel my membership if I decide the program doesn’t work my radio station?
Yes. If you decide to opt out of this program, click on the following link, and send us a request to be removed from the program. Cancel Request

I’m not getting my emails from the Tyndale Promotional Network. What should I do?
The e-mails from TPN are a great way to stay informed about new products we have available. Please make sure to add our domain: @tyndale.com to your “safe sender” or “white list” to ensure proper delivery. If you still do not receive our e-mails, please click here and submit an issue.

Is this program affiliated with any other agency?
No. The Tyndale Promotional Network is directly affiliated with Tyndale House Publishers.

What do I do if I have problems signing in?
Check to make sure you’ve entered the correct password. If that doesn’t work, please contact us and we’ll help you to resolve the problem.

What if I have a problem or question that isn’t in the FAQ? Who can I contact?
Please submit your problem or question here.